What does the Equinox look like from space?

The Vernal Equinox. It’s not the longest day of the year. It’s not the shortest. It’s the…well…what is it?

Check out this visual representation using satellite data:

Vernal Equinox from space

Then read a further explanation from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Blog:
>> APOD: 2014 March 19 – Equinox on a Spinning Earth.

Happy Spring Equinox!

What is a “math person” anyway?

I’m struck by how many people will readily disavow their math skills with a single statement of “I’m not a math person.” You’ve heard it many times from friends, or perhaps from yourself. Maybe you’ve excused your way out of situations requiring calculation, geometrical thinking, or ratios. “I’m not a math person” seems like a fine excuse.

But what if in a social situation you were asked to explain yourself more clearly and you replied “oh, I’m not a verbal expression person”? Would that fly? Certainly eyebrows would raise.

What is it about math that makes so many people balk? The Atlantic presents a series of articles on the topic , starting with this: The Myth of ‘I’m Bad at Math’ – Miles Kimball & Noah Smith – The Atlantic.

Cheerleader Effect: Why People Are More Beautiful in Groups

Laws of averages play out in unsuspecting ways, including attraction.

>> Cheerleader Effect: Why People Are More Beautiful in Groups |  The Atlantic

This video of a bonobo playing the keyboard (with a bit of background music accompaniment) makes me think about just how powerful music really is. There’s something about music that resonates deep inside all of us.

Thanks to Peter Gabriel’s YouTube channel for turning me on to this.

Airplane Cockpits : Operating Rooms

What management principle do airplane cockpits and operating rooms share? When it comes to managing risk from human error, specifically fixation or lack of awareness of a problem, both environments demand the “Two Challenge Rule.”

777 Cockpit

>> Cockpit culture and using the two challenge rule in the OR | Kevin MD

How well do you read other people? Take the Emotional Intelligence Quiz

What’s this face conveying? Weigh in on this and 19 more on the Greater Good Emotional Intelligence Quiz.

>> Emotional Intelligence Quiz | Greater Good

Check out this awesome map of North America and the meanings behind our various geographical landmarks.

Map of the US with the meanings of names

Map of the US with the meanings of names

>> Infographic: The Literal Meaning Of Every State Name In The U.S. | Co.Design

A Supercell Thunderstorm Over Texas

I’m struck by this beautiful video of majestic and ominous clouds swirling about the Texas plains.

>> Astronomy Picture of the Day, June 18 2013

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