Google’s response to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

While the news media has been brining us incredible and sad accounts of what’s happened in Japan, the response from Google has been different–and incredible in its own right. Within hours of the earthquake and tsunami, Google had compiled a special site with information about local municipalities, a person finder that you can embed on your website, maps with overlays of all kinds of geological … Continue reading Google’s response to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

Gorky Retrospective at MOCA

For those of you in LA/visiting LA soon, I highly recommend checking out the Arshile Gorky retrospective at MOCA (the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art). The museum has put together a great collection of beautiful and compelling pieces. Until I visited, I’d only been roughly familiar with Gorky’s work–the color, the amorphous shapes, and haziness of form. But up close, there’s a depth to … Continue reading Gorky Retrospective at MOCA

Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Lecture

Having just finished “Other Colors: Essays and a Story,” a collection of essays by Nobel Prize recipient¬†Orhan Pamuk, it seems like a good time to recommend his work. Pamuk, who lives and works in Istanbul, features Turkey and his home city prominently in his writing. While many of his stories are very much about Turkey, the ideas at the core of his work are universal. … Continue reading Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Lecture