The whirlwind that is Istanbul

Having traveled to a bunch of different places in my life (and I am thankful for that), I must say that Istanbul is like no other. It is a city that sucks you in. You cannot observe it from a distance. I feel like my photos don’t capture any of what I feel being here. There is a unique vibe of history meets modernity, east … Continue reading The whirlwind that is Istanbul

Istanbul, via Romanıa

The end of my stay in Hungary was delightful. I soaked in natural mıneral baths, whıch ıs something of a natıonal actıvıty ın the country. (In fact, the cover of the Lonely Planet guıde for Hungary features bath swımmers) A unıque experıence–ımagıne water park meets day spa. Really ınterestıng place. Very relaxıng. Had a nıce home cooked meal of gulyás, chıcken, and french frıes at … Continue reading Istanbul, via Romanıa


Grilled last night. It felt good to cook. I am trying to cook in as many countries as possible! Went to the market with Gyula and we bought fresh ingredients. I was on salad duty–made a nice mixed chopped veggie salad, with Hungarian cucumbers and peppers. Made a vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, and some Hungarian spices. Add feta cheese and mushrooms…it was good. Along with … Continue reading Budapest

Vitamin “Water” is bull

“Vitamin” Water, “Antioxidant” Water, “Life” Water… what is all this crap that I’m seeing advertised everywhere? First of all, most people are NOT vitamin deficient. (For that matter, most people being sold this stuff are saturated with all kinds of nutritional input.) Second, calling this stuff “water” is totally misleading. It’s as much water as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Gatorade, or celery — all of which are … Continue reading Vitamin “Water” is bull