This is LA weather?

This was the view from my apartment balcony yesterday. I headed outside with the digital camera when I heard hail pelleting the roof. In just a few minutes, enough hail/ice/snow/slush/rain fell to blanket cars and the ground. It didn’t stick long, but for about half an hour the scene was surreal. Today it’s kind of balmy, with a cool breeze. The weather is crazy. Al … Continue reading This is LA weather?

Farewell, Pluto

Like many others, I read today that astronomers decided Pluto is not a planet. It’s not that it is no longer is a planet, but that under new definitions it never would have been. Truthfully, I don’t care too much–it’s still floating around in space in exactly the same orbit, so it’s not like Pluto’s gone. I would have been more sad if they stripped … Continue reading Farewell, Pluto

Neruda: “Cuánto vive el hombre”

Cleaning up files on my computer… I have this poem by Pablo Neruda saved in a sticky note. Thought I’d post it here. For those of you who can understand the Spanish, I hope you enjoy. I think it’s very beautiful. It says so much in just five lines. ¿Cuánto vive el hombre, por fin? ¿Vive mil años o uno solo? ¿Vive una semana o … Continue reading Neruda: “Cuánto vive el hombre”

A Tale of Two Gaps: Why we should really care about education and the labor market

An article in today’s Los Angeles Times proclaims: “Not since the 1970s have workers with bachelor’s degrees seen a prolonged slump in earnings during a time of economic growth. … According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, college graduates earned an average of $51,206 last year, whereas high school graduates earned $27,915 and those with no high school diploma earned $18,734. … The average annual wages … Continue reading A Tale of Two Gaps: Why we should really care about education and the labor market

End of the World Cup

Say what you will about this year’s World Cup. There were many good games, memorable teams, and (of course) unforgettable moments. Maybe the US can get a truly competitive team together for 2010? Maybe this is the beginning of the boom of soccer as a spectator sport in America? (In plenty of places it’s surpassed spectator sport and transcended into the religious realm.) I’m definitely … Continue reading End of the World Cup

World Cup excitement

It’s here again! I so enjoy the camaraderie, the national pride, the world spectacle of World Cup. And I, like many folks, wonder why the sport as a whole hasn’t caught on more in this country. My favorite World Cup experience was in 1998, when I spent the summer in Ecuador. I remember watching intense games with my Ecuadorian friends who just couldn’t peel themselves … Continue reading World Cup excitement