In Washington DC

I’m excited about spending 4th of July weekend here in Washington, DC. Just arrived at Chris’s apartment. The weather here is hotter and much more humid than LA. I’d never been to the Long Beach airport before today. The place is tiny. It seems more like a bus stop than an airport at first glance. JetBlue was cool. Started reading Blink for book club. Now … Continue reading In Washington DC

The pressures of having, and updating, a website

It’s been forever (figuratively, of course) since I last updated my website before the revamp of late. I’m excited that the site is back up and I’m finally putting my domain name to use! Funny enough, it’s actually kind of tough to figure out what to post here… There are a million blogs on the internet, so I need something different. Or perhaps I’m sounding … Continue reading The pressures of having, and updating, a website

iPods and the future of radio?

Interestingly enough, Apple’s mark on the digital audio world may have less to do with songs and more to do with radio. A format that many thought was dying is getting a digital makeover by the iPod and Apple’s commitment to podcasting. In case you’re into podcasting, check out the offerings at KCRW, which has some of the best radio programming on the airwaves and … Continue reading iPods and the future of radio?