How great artists fought creative block

We’ve all been there: trying to come up with a great idea, or write a beautiful passage, or finish a project. And it seems that our brains cough up nothing but hot, dry air. The good folks at BBC put together a nice look at how great artists–especially musicians–dealt with their creative block. In this case, it’s most appropriate if I just let the original … Continue reading How great artists fought creative block

August: Osage County

Had the good fortune to seeĀ August: Osage County at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles over the weekend. The play won both the 2008 Pulitzer Prize as well as the Tony Award for Best Play. And I have to say: it’s wonderful. Featuring some of the best writing I’ve seen on stage or screen, wonderful acting, intense drama, and laugh-out-loud comedy, August: Osage County is … Continue reading August: Osage County