About Salvo

I love to engage both my left and right brain. If creative and analytical work were polarized like handedness, I’d count myself among the ambidextrous. I believe they are not mutually exclusive, however, but meant to reinforce each other.

SalvoLavis.com is a digital reflection of my personal interests, including:

advertising architecture art astronomy baseball books college creativity current events cycling design economics education entrepreneurship food history humor information design internet Israel journalism labor Los Angeles math Media medicine Music news physics politics productivity psychology puzzles science space sports technology Texas time travel TV weather work writing you're kidding me


I thrive when switching between modes of thinking. Through my working life, I have combined my passion for storytelling with expertise in media production and project management to create interesting experiences in a variety of domains.

I co-founded Spitball Studio to produce and publish stories for kids. World of the Weasel is our first project, a series of picture books. The first book, Once Upon a Weasel, debuted in November 2016. Our second book, Wild Wild Weasel, came out in 2018.

See my LinkedIn profile for a detailed rundown of my work experience.

I currently produce and manage projects and accounts at Greenlight Media & Marketing (part of Live Nation). I directed internet strategy at Cohen Media Group, produced marketing and web content at Disney and Yahoo!, designed e-learning at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies, and wrote and reported for Marketplace on public radio.

I am an excellent verbal and written communicator with an ability to synthesize diverse ideas. Professionally I have engaged with companies in media, consumer technologies, food & beverage, and apparel; professors and administrators in higher education; public radio listeners; Army officers; film producers; nurses; software developers; concertgoers; elementary school kids; journalists; and more. I have extensive experience communicating as a writer, editor, producer, project manager, public speaker, radio broadcaster, live event emcee, moderator, and teacher.

I particularly love technology, science, mathematics, and history. I read a lot, especially on those topics.


At the University of Texas at Austin, I majored in Economics and Plan II Honors and minored in mathematics. While at UT, I co-founded, produced, and anchored the current affairs program on KVRX student radio. I also wrote my senior honors thesis on perceptions of college and the effectiveness of its goals.

I speak fluent Spanish.


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