Where do good ideas come from?

This video is brilliant. Its video and audio reinforce each other, its content engages, and it makes you smile. Plus it’s genius marketing for a book. By the time it’s over, I want to go out and buy “Where Good Ideas Come From.”

If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow

From the New York times a few years ago, a piece on how our attitudes about potential affect our potential: Those who believe they were born with all the smarts and gifts they’re ever going to have approach life with what she calls a “fixed mind-set.” Those who believe that their own abilities can expand …

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God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones –

As always, Neil Strauss slices to the fascinating core of popular psychology. This time, as prelude to his forthcoming book, he writes in the Wall Street Journal about positive belief and superstardom: Before they were famous, many of the biggest pop stars in the world believed that God wanted them to be famous, that this was …

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A puzzler

Replace each letter below with a digit to make the math correct: Contact me when you figure it out! (Puzzler courtesy of The Mensa Puzzle Calendar)

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