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The Myth of the Open Road

Thanks to Kris Skinner for sending this to me. >> Read more: Bikeyface » The Myth of the Open Road

Original Pitch Video for The Muppet Show

For all you Muppets fans out there, you must check out this pitch video that Jim Henson made to sell The Muppet Show to CBS: >> Link: Original pitch video for The Muppet Show

Puzzle Time: Think Like a Pre-Schooler

Time for a brain teaser! All the info you need is in the picture below: Click the photo for a full-resolution version you can print and share with your friends. Thanks to Martin van Velsen for posting this to Facebook!

Hello, World! The Whole Universe In One Photo

From the frontiers of astronomy, a galactic bird’s eye view of the universe: Made up of more than 2.7 million images taken at four infrared wavelengths of light, the new image captures everything from nearby asteroids to distant galaxies. I must admit, it’s easy to get turned around. I’m still looking for the little “I …

Hello, World! The Whole Universe In One Photo Read More »

Earth from the International Space Station — The Chill-Out Mix

This is beautiful and awesome. For a really cool experience open the video full-screen, sit back, and relax… Thanks Carter for sending my way!

Los Angeles Transport Fantasy Map

This is like urban design porn. If only LA were like this…(sigh)… >> LA TACO » Transport Fantasy Map ~ Los Angeles

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