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A NY Times crossword hint!

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For those of you working on today’s (July 22, 2015) NY Times Crossword, I’ll give you this hint: my name appears somewhere on the board! Hope that wasn’t too much of a spoiler. This crossword is a pretty fun one. Give it a shot! > Go play the crossword! > Read about this puzzle on the …

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Explore the Milky Way from your computer

From the Google Chrome Experiments comes 100,000 Stars, a virtual tour of our Milky Way galaxy. This is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve ever had with a web browser. Go play and wonder. >> 100,000 Stars | Chrome Experiments

Puzzle Time: Think Like a Pre-Schooler

Time for a brain teaser! All the info you need is in the picture below: Click the photo for a full-resolution version you can print and share with your friends. Thanks to Martin van Velsen for posting this to Facebook!

Googling into the past

Every now and again I Google my name to see what pops up. Today, a pleasant blast from the past–a reminder that I was a spelling bee contender when I was 11. (Evidently, so were quite a few other kids!) Also, I wonder if “Googling” is fair game in a spelling bee today? >> Link: Students …

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Skewering the Tea Party on “Le Show”

In his weekly radio show “Le Show,” Harry Shearer (comedian/Spinal Tap bassist/voice of many characters on “The Simpsons”) takes on current affairs with a generous dose of sarcasm. Parts of the show feature fake skits about real topics in the news. On yesterday’s show, Harry took on Tea Party activists in a very clever segment. …

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It’s Not Exactly Brain Surgery…

Thank you, BBC Two, for this bit: This humor is clever, but it’s not exactly… oh, nevermind.

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