Lending a Hand for a Living

I’m not alone in my inability to consider hand modeling without thinking back to Seinfeld. But for a few people in the country, modeling palms and fingers isn’t a source of humor–it’s a source of income. Rather than go on and on with wicked puns about the profession, I’ll hand off the conversation to Newsweek:

Facebook ads gone strange

Seems that a lot of the sidebar ads I’m seeing on Facebook lately are strange. See the most recent here. What’s up, Facebook?

Microsoft’s Family Guy cancellation: Windows 7, yes; incest and deaf people, no – Computerworld Blogs

Heard about this on the Marketplace Morning Report today. Made me laugh. Microsoft has cancelled its Windows 7 sponsorship of a Family Guy special on November 8, saying “the content was not a fit with the Windows brand.” Read more about Microsoft’s Family Guy cancellation.

Regulating food advertising

A good point made in this article from The Atlantic:  We Regulate Banks. Why Not Food? – The Atlantic Food Channel I have complained before about advertising and food, specifically “Vitamin Water.” I’ve seen the pomegranate ads referenced in the Atlantic article, and yes– I think it’s false advertising. A line gets crossed when advertisers …

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