Nick Hanauer: Inequality is bad for the rich

Check out this quite compelling TED talk from Nick Hanauer, an entrepreneur, investor, capitalist, and self-described plutocrat. Hanauer is a billionaire, but makes the case that trickle-down economics and rising inequality are especially bad for the rich. One claim he makes: Some inequality is necessary for a high-functioning capitalist democracy. The problem is that inequality is at …

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Advice for Emerging Designers

Found a cool Flash piece: Advice for Emerging Designers, which speaks not just to the world of design but to work in general. (From AIGA | the professional association for design)

The United States of Entrepreneurs – The Economist

I’m reading a special report from The Economist on entrepreneurship. One of the articles, The United States of Entrepreneurs, discusses how America still leads the world as a setting for spawning entrepreneurship. The reasons span business spirit, management philosophy, and legal groundwork. Even this: Americans are unusually willing to try new products of all sorts, even …

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The Photo Stream

Scott has been working on a new site, and it’s really cool. The Photo Stream features all sorts of online content at-a-glance. Some very cool stuff is in the works, so I’d keep my eyes peeled for this site. Check it every now and then, because the content is constantly updating.