Stylish Aggregation + Journalism + Technology

Today on All Things Considered, a conversation about the future of journalism–and a topic that really interests me: why hasn’t online aggregation caught up with the stylish design of magazines? >> Link: Mike McCue: Flipboard Brings Beauty Of Print Onto The Web : NPR

An E-Z Pass Model for Web Content

More interesting ideas from The Atlantic: An E-Z Pass Model for Web Content – Ideas Special Report This is part of more thoughts to come on the future of journalism.

Frontline: Al Qaeda’s New Front

Two posts in a row about television, but this one is much more timely and important. Frontline, my favorite show on television, ran an episode back in the early part of this year called Al Qaeda’s New Front–about the “threat radical jihadists pose to Western Europe and its allies–including the United States.” With yesterday’s tragic …

Frontline: Al Qaeda’s New Front Read More »

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