The kilogram is getting a makeover

The way we define a kilogram (and pounds too) is basically a high-tech refinement of a medieval technology. That’s about to change as the most influential bar in Paris is shutting down… > Read more

The Permanent, Unmistakable Mark Human Beings Have Left on Planet Earth

Have we entered a new geologic era, the Anthropocene? Or put differently: hundreds of thousands of years from now, when future geologists sift the earth for clues about our present day, what lasting evidence of our existence will they find? Scientific American presents a rather fascinating article about how we are fundamentally making our mark on …

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PBS LearningMedia

I just came across PBS LearningMedia, a very cool website partnership between PBS and WGBH Boston. They’re taking free PBS media content and adding a great discovery and filtering layer on the web that allows educators (or anyone, for that matter) to find compelling assets to compliment or supplement academic learning. The dorky side of me gets …

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Science, Technology, and Invention in 26 Typefaces

Explore great inventions, technologies, and scientific discoveries in a series of typeface illustrations — one for each letter of the alphabet, corresponding to the inventor/discoverer! Scientific Typeface Illustrates 26 Great Inventions | Co.Design | business + design.

Time flies, but what is it anyway?

As the end of 2014 approaches, so many of us wonder where the year behind went. Time, as they say, flies by. But ever stop to wonder, “what is time?” Is it a physical dimension like distance? How is this “4th” dimension different? Why don’t the laws of physics care which direction time runs? An episode …

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Explore the Milky Way from your computer

From the Google Chrome Experiments comes 100,000 Stars, a virtual tour of our Milky Way galaxy. This is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve ever had with a web browser. Go play and wonder. >> 100,000 Stars | Chrome Experiments

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