Descending the Tour de France

I’m loving the Tour de France right now. These guys are tearing up roads and mountains on bikes. Amazing. For those who doubt the intensity of the race, you’ve only to watch Fabian Cancellara descend a mountain from last year’s Tour: The Mozart symphony adds excellent effect. I think I gasped a couple times during …

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Curling: An Olympic Sweep

A nice explanatory graphic on curling from the LA Times (click to enlarge): Link: Curling: An Olympic Sweep [LA Times]

Live football looking like a broken video game

This video from the Florida v Florida State game last weekend is unbelievable. Or rather, un-understandable? Whatever, it’s funny: Looks like a brain lapse? A seizure? Or just a lot of practice? Read more from Yahoo! Rivals. Or a different take from Sporting News.