“What Should I Do With My Life?” asks Po Bronson

Just came across an article that Po Bronson wrote for Fast Company. “What Should I Do With My Life?” is both the title of the article and the title of Bronson’s book on the same topic. I’ve seen the book on the shelves at my local bookstore for years (though I never read it — …

“What Should I Do With My Life?” asks Po Bronson Read More ยป

Lending a Hand for a Living

I’m not alone in my inability to consider hand modeling without thinking back to Seinfeld. But for a few people in the country, modeling palms and fingers isn’t a source of humor–it’s a source of income. Rather than go on and on with wicked puns about the profession, I’ll hand off the conversation to Newsweek:

The Benefits of Choosing Your Working Hours

In a report from the BBC today: People who can choose their own working hours enjoy better physical and mental health, a report has suggested. Link: Flexible working ‘good for heart and soul’ [BBC News]

Alain de Botton from TED: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success

Thanks to Scott for pointing me in the direction of this TED video, which I love. (TED has a bounty of wonderful videos online, by the way. Highly worth perusing their site.) “It would be insane to call Hamlet a loser. He is not a loser, though he has lost.”

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